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home aircond service


Coverage of our services


    • Installation of new aircond unit. Be it split unit, cassette or any type of air conditioning, including 10ft of copper piping.
    • Cleaning services (Chemical or normal) including gas refill.
    • Relocate air conditioning.
    • Repair or checking/troubleshooting.
    • Conceal piping.
    • Anything else related to air conditioner.


How We Perform Cleaning Services

take off
  1. Take off your indoor unit. Perform thorough cleaning.
remove outdoor unit
  2. Remove outdoor unit as well. Cleaning the fan and etc.
Assemble back
  3. Assemble back the indoor and outdoor unit respectively.
Gas refill
  4. Refill gas with R-22, R-410 or R-134a, depending on the model.
final checking
  5. Final inspection and testing.
30 days Guarantee   6. You get 30 days warranty from us.

What You Should Take Note

  • Currently we only accept cash or cheque.
  • Customer pay after the services. We seldom ask for advance payment.
  • Please allow a few days or a week in advance due to the busy schedule. We will improve our man power resources to accommodate the increasing of demand soon.
  • We are committed to response to customer request within 3 hours.


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